MATH*Ability teaches basic math skills using a simple learn math, you have to practice math. To learn math well, you have to practice math frequently.

We follow that premise by leading your child through a series of daily practice sheets. Each successive sheet, builds on the skills mastered at an earlier stage.

How it works...

We begin with a test. A simple test of single digit addition. There are 90 questions on the test and your child has just under 3 minutes to answer the questions.

If your child passes this test, then we repeat the process with single digit subtraction. The cycle repeats until we reach a level that your child has not mastered.

When we reach a basic skill that your child has not mastered, we give him or her a packet of 7 practice sheets that focus on the basic skill. Depending on the skill and your child, the sheets can take between 4 to 15 minutes of daily work. The daily work is done at home.

Seven days later…

After seven days of practice, your child takes another test. If your child mastered the skill, we move up a step. If your child needs additional practice, we replenish the practice sheets and your child practices the skill for another seven days.